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Tom Hardy: “Nolan is Trying to Kill Me!”

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By: Jesse

Director Chris Nolan has been plotting to murder Tom Hardy for over a year.

With less than a week before the release of the third and final film of The Dark Knight legend, British actor Tom Hardy claims that director Christopher Nolan has been trying to kill him for the past year.

Hardy, who plays Banes in The Dark Knight Rises told reporters late Monday that he was fearing for his life. “Absolutely, I’m afraid. Once we finished up shooting for the Dark Knight film, I began receiving mysterious death threats. I brushed them off at first, but I began to suspect Chris [Nolan] when I found a letter in my hotel from Heath Ledger. The letter read ‘If you become more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, then you become something else entirely. A legend, Mr. Hardy. Signed Heath Ledger.” I was not quite convinced that Heath Ledger wrote me a letter from the grave but the package came with prescription drugs.”

“It was certainly not the last time Chris tried to have me killed. I believe he is trying to recreate a similar buzz that the previous Dark Knight film had after the death of Heath Ledger. Just a few weeks ago, Christopher was in my home trying to convince me to jump out of a window. He told me that I was still dreaming and that if I were to wake up, I must kill myself.” Hardy told our Pseudo News reporters.

Christopher Nolan, who was also the director for the 2010 Summer blockbuster Inception, refused to acknowledge the possibility of killing Tom Hardy.

“Absurd. The idea that I would have one of Hollywood’s premiere actors killed to simply promote a film is atrocious. It is a complete fabrication and sounds like something stupid that The Onion would make up to get a laugh. Unfortunately, it is not even creative nor funny. It is shameful and disrespectful to the memory of Heath.” Nolan told our reporters before smacking the microphone out of his hand.

“No, it is not a fabrication.” Hardy says. “Chris told me that if I were to die before the release of the film, the general public would overrate my performance and my interpretation of Bane would go down as one of the best performances of all time. And while it is true that an artists’ artwork is instantly elevated once the artist has died, I don’t think it was a risk I was willing to take.”

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