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Advertisement: Makers of Power Balance Presents…

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New Power Shaft rings come in all sizes! Black, Normal and Asian!

Power Balance Technologies Inc. is proud to introduce the very newest and latest in innovate technology! Presenting the all new male enhancement ring that is scientifically and medically proven to enhance your sex drive, performance, endurance and size!

Power Balance Technologies Inc. presents the Power Shaft Ring!

All you simply have to do is wear the Power Shaft ring on your penis and let the ring do its work!

Studies have shown that the Power Balance rings are 100% effective and not at all a scam! So why not try the all new Power Shaft ring today!

The Power Shaft ring is guaranteed to leave your woman or man (cause of gay) satisfied!

So try one, today!

How does the Power Shaft work? Well much like the Power Balance, we use holographic technology that stimulates the glands within your body. We somehow magically increase red blood cells and send more blood rushing into your penis. Don’t question how it works, just try it! Today!

The Power Shaft rings come in all sizes! Including Black, Normal and Asian!

With just 5 easy payments of $13.99, your brand new Power Shaft can be yours! Yes! That’s right! Just 5 easy payments of $13.99! But wait, if you call now, we’ll throw in our all new Penis Pump and Power Balance bracelet, for free! That’s a value of over $600! So call now!










Disclaimer: Power Balance Technologies Inc. reserves the right to provide false information. Power Balance wristbands and Power Shaft rings are not scientifically or medically proven to work. Power Balance Technologies holds no legal obligations if consumer is unable to remove Power Shaft from penis.

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