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Kobe Bryant Reveals the Secret to Success

Posted on 15. Feb, 2012 by in Sports | 3,890 views

By: Jesse Luu

In his prime, Tiger Woods was involved in sexual intercourse with several women and directly resulted in his success according to Kobe Bryant.

NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant who is currently going through a divorce recently held a seminar for successful celebrities. This 2 hour lecture was aimed to help the successful become even more successful at success.

Kobe Bryant calls his secret, the Kobe System.

Reporters got a chance to talk with Kobe briefly as he left a Los Angeles strip club late Tuesday night. The 5 time NBA champion shared a few new secrets about his success.

“Adultery.” Kobe told Pseudo News. “It’s simple, if you want to be successful, you fuck bitches. And I’m not talking about just one bitch. I’m talking about multiple bitches. The more pussy you get, the more successful you become. Everyone that’s in the know, knows this. It’s basic science really.”

Bryant explained that adultery is especially beneficial for athletes.

“Tiger Woods. Ben Roethlisberger. Wilt Chamberlain. And myself.  We’re all professional athletes that are known to fuck a whole lot of bitches. And we’re all successful at our respective sports. With the exception of Tiger. We all know his situation and we’ve seen what has happened to his career. He went and had sex rehab and now he is one of the worst golfers in the world. I’m telling you, pussy is power. I learned this very early on in my career and it’s helped my game tremendously. I learned from some of the greatest to ever play the game. Shaq. Michael. We all know what happens behind closed doors, and now I’m just teaching the rest of the world our secret. You can’t keep fucking the same bitches. You need new bitches.”

“Why did you think Roethlisberger brought that girl to his hotel room unwillingly? His career was started to dip and he needed another Superbowl. So he had to get the pussy, under any circumstance, he had to get it. Why do you think I did it? And if you wanna talk about Jeremy Lin?” Kobe explained. “He was a nobody in Golden State, and then he got that New York pussy.”

“How do you explain the self proclaimed virgin, Tim Tebow?” One reporter asked Kobe.

“You know he hit that.” Kobe told reporters. “It’s like I always say. Attack the pussy fast and attack the pussy strong. Be a different beast, but the same animal. They know what I’m talking about.”

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