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David Blaine’s New ABC Special “The Crucifixion of David”

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David Blaine prepares to follow in the footsteps of the very first magician, Jesus Christ.

By: Jesse Luu

Popular street magician, David Blaine, is scheduled to begin shooting his new one-hour special entitled, “The Crucifixion of David”.

The magician posted on his Twitter page that the “Crucifixion of David” would be his final farewell show and that he would be retiring from magic.

“I want the television special to be my very best.” Blaine told the media on Friday. “I’m going to pull out all the stops and do something that’s never been done before. Like all of my previous television specials, it will showcase clips of street magic performed in New York and various other cities around the country. But the main event will be my final stunt.”

Blaine explained that his final stunt would be accumulation of every single stunt he had ever performed rolled in one and topped with the oldest trick in the book.

The stunts are said to include his 44-day period without any food or nutrients (Above the Below), while being suspended on a 100-foot platform (Vertigo), while also being flipped upside down (Dive of Death) in an 8 foot tank of water (Drowned Alive). During this 44-day period, Blaine will also correctly guess any card that an audience member is thinking of throughout the filming of the show.

At the conclusion of Blaine’s stunts, the magician will leap off the platform onto a pile of boxes and proceed to carry a giant crucifix on his shoulder for 3 miles to the Lincoln Center. Upon reaching the Lincoln Center, Blaine will have members of the audience nail his hands onto the crucifix, resulting in the crucifixion and hanging of David Blaine.

“The crucifixion is the oldest trick in the book. And when I say the book, I mean the Bible.” Blaine told reporters. “If you don’t know by now, the Bible is the very first book of magic and written by the very first magician, the legendary Jesus Christ. He has turned water to wine, fed the homeless with a piece of bread, all of which, were illusions. The greatest trick Jesus ever pulled was convincing the world, he didn’t exist. And The Crucifixion of Jesus is the best known magic trick in the world and I want to follow in the footsteps of the lord savior himself. So yes, I do plan to kill myself in 44 days.”

When asked whether or not David Blaine would in fact be killing himself on live television, or if it was just another elaborate illusion, Blaine had this to say.

“I always stress the fact that I am an illusionist and what I am performing is just that, an illusion. You should never believe anything a magician tells you. With that said, yes, absolutely. The whole world watch as a man dies before their eyes, live on ABC.”

Much like the greatest magician of all time, Jesus Christ, Blaine said he plans to rise from the dead two days after his crucifixion.

“Ultimately, that is the plan. I’ve trained for this moment for months and I do plan on coming back from the dead. Resurrection is no doubt one of the toughest tricks to pull off. Jesus did it. 2pac did it and Sarah from Prison Break did it. But that’s a very short list. I hope to become just the fourth person to have ever died and come back to life, but it will no doubt be difficult and if something goes wrong, I may not come back.”

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