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Arnold Schwarzneggar to Return in Terminator 5

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By: Jesse Luu

Arnold Schwarznegger found "getting in shape" for his upcoming role as the Terminator.

He is back.

The former politician turned actor, Arnold Schwarzenggar has signed on to return to his most prominent role of his career.

The Terminator.

The fifth and final installment of the Terminator Saga is rumored to be titled “Terminator 5: John Connor Rises” and stars Christian Bale as John Connor playing opposite Arnold Schwarzneggar.

“From the very first movie, we learned that John Connor is the eventual savior of mankind and naturally, we wanted Will Smith to play that role [Connor] in Salvation.” Jospeh Nichol, director of Terminator Salvation, told reporters Thursday. “Now obviously, John Connor is Caucasian, but we would’ve come up with a way to have John become a black man. Maybe through some sort of Michael Jackson disease or affirmative action, who knows. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get Will Smith to play the role because he was being a little bitch. However, we are very happy with the job Christian [Bale] has done thus far.”

Joseph Nicol also went into detail about the upcoming plot for the film.

“In the final Terminator film, we want to showcase the rise of John Connor. We’re going to jump right into this movie and find that The Resistance led by Connor is on the verge of defeat. SkyNet is winning the war and it appears that mankind is doomed. The Resistance no longer believes in John Connor. Eventually, The Resistance decides elect a new leader. A man that goes by the name, Cane. Cane is going to be a mysterious character played by Tom Hardy and he reassures The Resistance by stating that the night is darkest before the dawn, and he promises, the dawn is coming.” Nichol explained. “With John no longer garnering the respect of The Resistance, he realizes that he is the hero that The Resistance deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Which honestly, sounds like a really cool phrase, but it means absolutely nothing. John then goes on his own separate path to train and become a stronger leader. He must rise and win back the trust of The Resistance. On top of that, he must defeat SkyNet and save all of mankind.”

The director then went on to explain how Arnold would fit into the movie.

“Arnold will have a major role in his return to the series. Fans of the very first Terminator film will be happy to know that Schwarzneggar is returning as a villain. He’s going to play opposite Christian Bale in what will no doubt be an instant summer classic.” Nichol explained. “I know many of complained about the series and wish we had left the saga alone after the second movie, but we’re in a recession people. I need the money. I don’t care about the integrity of the story, I just want to jump onto a successful movie franchise and milk as much money out of it as I can, kinda like the Saw series.”

“I have no doubt in my mind, that this movie will be utter garbage, but everyone will come watch because of the name. To be honest, there really is no point in anymore Terminator films after the second one, because we already know the humans will be victorious because it was explained in the first film. But for those who want to see how exactly The Resistance defeats SkyNet, you’ll have to pay me, in 3D.” Nichol told reporters. “Hell, I’ll just tell you now. You’re all going to come watch my movie regardless. After years of war, SkyNet becomes lazy. The designs for the T-101 models aren’t up to par. That is, they’re older, slower and fat. As a result, the machines become easier to fight and John Connor takes advantage of this. This is ideal for us, because Arnold already has the physique for the role. But let us not forget, Christian Bale must go head to head with Tom Hardy to win back the trust of the Resistance in a never before seen battle between the two actors. It will be epic.”

Arnold Schwarzneggar was not available for comment as he was preparing for his role in line at Popeyes.

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2 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzneggar to Return in Terminator 5”

  1. someone who loves terminator saga 4 February 2012 at 8:29 am #

    Joseph Nicol is going to be the director of terminator 5?

    • jes-c 4 February 2012 at 11:29 pm #

      yeah, its been confirmed. nichols is doing terminator 5

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