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The World Has Literally Forgotten About Dre

Posted on 22. Dec, 2011 by in Entertainment | 495 views

By: Jesse Luu

During an interview with Extra, Dr. Dre is mistaken for Snoop Dogg.

In a sit down interview with the television show Extra, rapper Eminem sat down with Holly Madison to discuss future projects and plans for 2012.

As Eminem began the interview with his mentor Dr. Dre at his side, the producer of the show mistakenly thought Dr. Dre was Eminem’s body guard and asked the west coast legend to step aside and wait for the interview the conclude. Eminem then intervened and corrected the mistake. Or so he thought.

During the airing of the taped interview, Extra accidentally advertised the segment as a sit down interview with Eminem and Snoop Dogg. During the interview, reporter Holly Madison asked Dr. Dre several questions about the rapper’s upcoming projects.

Madison: It’s amazing how much bulk you put on. You were really skinny back in the day, you look really good.

Dr. Dre: Yeah, you know. That was a long time ago, I got on that 50 cent diet and started taking those Pacman pellets. Those work wonders.

Madison: I really love that song you did with Pharrell. The “Beautiful” record shows that you do have a more gentle side that is more caring. I really love that type of music. Although you still have street cred and have an element of hardcore gangster rap.

Dr. Dre: Yeah, you know, I didn’t make that song. That wasn’t me.

Madison: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought that was you. Let’s talk about your extensive body of work that includes acting. You were very good in “Training Day”.

Dr. Dre: No doubt. That was my first real gig and I learned a lot. I thought I did a pretty good job and it was some of my best work in terms of acting. And you know, I got a chance to work with Denzel. He’s one of the best.

Madison: Yeah the scene where he stuck a pen down your throat was gruesome. Before we go Doggy Dog, can we get a ‘fa shizzle my nizzle’?

Dr. Dre: No.

Once Extra learned of their mistake, they issued an apology on their website.

We here at Extra would like to sincerely apologize to rapper and producer Dr. Dre. During a taped show, we made the mistake of referring to Dr. Dre as Snoop Dogg. In our defense, he had not made a record in 10 years. Thus making him irrelevant to white media.”

Eminem was furious about the incident and called the mistake inexcusable when asked to comment.

Now a days, mother fuckers at Extra act like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move the lips. Just a bunch of gossiping bullshit and gibberish. And those mother fuckers act like they forgot about Dre.” Eminem stated. “I went through the whole interview without mentioning it. That was just out of respect for not running my mouth and talking about something I knew nothing about. Plus, Dre was telling me to stay out of it, it wasn’t my beef, so I just fell back. Then I went home and watched it on TV and gritted my teeth as they talked down a man that literally saved my life, like fuck it. I understand. This is just business and this shit just isn’t any of my business.”

Dr. Dre responded to Extra’s apology early Thursday.

To the producers at Extra, I just want to say fuck y’all. All of y’all. If you don’t like me, blow me. Y’all are gonna fuck around and turn me back to the old me.”

Dr. Dre’s long awaited “Detox” album is expected to be released in Summer 2026 pending Will Smith’s willingness to save the world in 2012.

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