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Adviser of Kim Jong-il Issues Statement

Posted on 22. Dec, 2011 by in Politics | 1,167 views

Ma Tong Shu Pak-Chun issues statement regarding Kim Jong-Il's death.

By: Jesse Luu

Ma Tong Shu Pak-Chun, advisor and close personal friend of Kim Jong-il, released a statement late Thursday in response to the death of North Korea’s supreme ruler.

“As a nation, we are deeply saddened by the passing of our great leader, Kim Jong-il. He was a charismatic and enigmatic warrior who once defeated 347 armed South Koreans by himself with just his bare hands.” Pak-Chun wrote. “Kim Jong-il was a close personal friend of mine and while this is a tremendous loss, we will continue to grow and strive for greatness. Our nation will become stronger and soon absorb South Korea. Despite the fact that Kim Jong-il’s son and successor, Kim Jong-un is a little bitch, we are destined to become the world’s greatest country. Soon we will have the ability to produce nuclear weapons that fly further than 10 feet. We cannot use these weapons that we currently possess because they would destroy our own land.”

Pak-Chun continued addressing the world in his letter.

“My deepest regret is that my dear friend Kim Jong-il will never get a chance to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. He was very excited to see this film and unfortunately, was only able to settle for a camera quality version of the prologue. I know he would have loved to see how the epic Batman legend ends. But we will continue forth, nonetheless.”

The epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Heath Ledger is scheduled to hit theaters in Summer 2012.

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