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Advertisement: Manny Pacquiao’s Power Pellets

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Do you want to be as strong as Manny Pacquiao?

Do you want to be as quick as Manny Pacquiao?

Do you want to be as accurate as Manny Pacquiao?

Introducing the brand new Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao’s Power Pellets!

This new performance enhancing substance will improve your strength, speed and accuracy!

Improve your strength in a matter of days!

Just eat 2 pills prior to workout and drink the liquid substance at the end of workout to complete your routine!

This substance is proven to work! Don’t believe us? Check out what other athletes say about Pac Man’s Power Pellets!

“Pac Man’s Power Pellets work wonders. This pill helped me get stronger and give me a little more effort when hitting home runs.” – Barry Bonds

“Manny Pacquiao! Power Pellets! Number 1!” – Sammy Sosa

“This stuff is the real deal. If you wanna get stronger and faster, I suggest Manny Pacquiao’s Power Pellets!” – Jose Conseco

“Let me tell you somethin’ brother! If you work hard like me, take your vitamins and say your prayers, you’ll be a star just like me! Don’t be a bully. Try Pac Man’s Power Pellets today! Now where’s my money Bob?” – Hulk Hogan

“I’m not here to talk about my past, but try Manny Pacquiao’s Power Pellets today.” – Mark McGuire


Call now to receive your free trial of Pac Man’s Power Pellets! High class performance enhancing substance undetectable by today’s standard urine test! Order yours now!



*Warning* – Pac Man’s Power Pellets can be detected by Olympic style blood testing.

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