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Phoenix Jones Has a New Foe

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Phoenix Jones, the hero Seattle deserves.

Seattle based Superhero, Phoenix Jones may have just met his match.

A new criminal mastermind that goes by the name “Pegasus Bob” has been roaming the streets of Seattle, threatening anyone who comes his way on the streets of Seattle. Phoenix Jones, whose real name is Benjamin Fedor, was recently arrested for impersonation of a cop and being a vigilante.

In the same night of his arrest, Pegasus Bob made his first attack on the city of Seattle, as he pushed little kids down while they were playing in the streets.

Police recently released Phoenix Jones in an effort to stop Pegasus Bob.

Phoenix Jones, whose super powers include helping old ladies cross the street, walking the neighbor’s dogs, and taking weekly karate lessons, made a statement on how he plans to stop Pegasus Bob.

“I will do my best to protect the people of Seattle. Pegasus Bob, you will not hurt the people of Seattle anymore. Because I’m the hero this city deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” Jones wrote on his Facebook.

Pegasus Bob commented on Jones’ status with a threatening message.

“Dislike. I will not be stopped, Phoenix Jones. Not by you or by anybody. For everyday that you roam the streets, I will haunt the people of Seattle. If Phoenix Jones does not resign, tomorrow, I will hold up traffic. And if that doesn’t stop you, each day I will do something more and more sinister. I already have plans to mislabel soda machines around the city, resulting in catastrophic confusion and chaos. Heed my warning. This is on you, Phoenix Jones.”

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