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New Technology Adds to Realism in Porn Industry

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New technology such as "Insert Your Face" are just some of the ideas that are being discussed in the porn industry.

By: Jesse Luu

Despite being one of the most popular genres in the world, the adult film industry has been on the decline over the past few decades. With more and more consumers illegally downloading porn, the industry may no longer be a viable art form. However, many within the adult film industry are coming up with innovations that would give the porn industry a much needed boost.

Popular porn director Richard Hammerhead says the industry is moving in a new direction that will hopefully add girth to a dying form of art.

“It’s no secret, the internet was made for porn.” Hammerhead said. “Annually, the porn industry simply loses millions of dollars and that is just unacceptable. That’s why we as directors have to be innovate and think of new ways to shoot porn. Hollywood has already jumped on the 3D bandwagon, and the porn industry has followed suit. Many [porn] directors are shooting their films in 3D and high definition. The sales for these films speak for themselves. It just goes to show that there is a way for the porn industry to grow and get bigger. We know our business has had its ups and downs, but we have certainly not reached our climax.”

Richard Hammerhead then went on to explain X-Rated games set to be released by the Nintendo Wii, Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect.

“Our goal is to make the customer feel as if they are in the film itself. We don’t want them to be just touching themselves, we want more. We want to put you right in the action. New equipment will strap the controller right on your Johnson.” Hammerhead explained. “From there, you simply thrust back and forth as if you were having sex. We’ve tested it out and it feels just like the real thing. And it’s loads of fun. Now the whole family can bust their nuts.”

X-Rated motion games have already been released in Japan and have set new record highs in video game sales. Titles such as “Street Fucker 2” “Need For Seeds: Drive Shaft” “Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare” and “Super Smash Bros.” are among the top sellers.

Technology in the porn industry are also working on other ways to incorporate the viewers into the films. Talks of inserting the user’s face via webcam have been circulating in the porn industry and may very well hit the market within the next few months.

“Inserting one’s own face into the film has been talked about a lot recently.” Hammerhead said. “It’s just a fascinating idea and it’s like making your own sex tape with your favorite porn star. You’re not only watching porn, but now you’re actually in it. We’re real excited and we think this idea is going to be huge.”

With the adult film industry back on the rise, Richard Hammerhead assures that the new advances in technology will leave fans happy and satisfied.

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