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Andy Reid Explains Desean Jackson Benching

Posted on 16. Nov, 2011 by in Sports | 423 views

The Philadelphia Eagles may be struggling, but Andy Reid's fantasy team is on a roll.

By: Jesse Luu

The NFL world was shocked last weekend when the Philadelphia Eagles decided to bench Desean Jackson as punishment for missing a special teams meeting on Saturday. However, reports are now circulating that Desean Jackson was benched last Sunday because Andy Reid was facing Jackson in Fantasy Football.

“It was a difficult decision.” Andy Reid said Wednesday. “I had to choose between the Philadelphia Eagles and my fantasy football team Reidz Redzone. Ultimately, I chose to go with my fantasy football team.”

Head coach Andy Reid explained that while the Philadelphia Eagles are struggling at 3-5, his Fantasy Football team was facing a crucial matchup for a playoff position.

“I had to do it. My opponent had Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte and Desean Jackson. It was in my power to bench Jackson so that it would give me an edge in Fantasy Football.” Reid said. “I also figured, the Arizona Cardinals suck, so we wouldn’t need Desean. Boy, was I wrong.”

While Coach Reid appears to be on the hot seat with the Eagles failing to meet expectations, Reid said he does not regret the move.

“Absolutely not. I won the matchup by just a few points because my opponent wasn’t able to bench Jackson. That could’ve been the difference.” Coach Reid explained.

Once deemed as the “Dream Team” the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss to the Arizona Cardinals could potentially end the teams hopes for a playoff spot, but the benching of Desean Jackson may have guaranteed Andy Reid a spot in Fantasy Football.

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