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50 Cent Joins Occupy Movement

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By: Jesse Luu

Gangster rapper, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, may be toning his gangster rap down as he hinted that he would be focusing his music on political change. 50 Cent recently unleashed his frustrations with corporate greed in a Public Service Announcement posted on his blog:

The world is so fucked up
People don’t seem to care anymore

People seem to have distanced themselves from other people’s problems, they have been programmed not to care!
Politicians are corrupt…So many companies are corrupt and taking excessive profits in certain sectors…….and we keep allowing this shit to happen
There are 1 billion plus people living in extreme poverty. You know what that is? You don’t know if your getting your next meal, no shelter, no medical. You have no chance of hustling your way out of it!
We have been programmed to not give a shit about these people!

Well I have woken up and Im not turning a blind eye anymore!

Im not playing the game anymore. Our Company CEO’s and politicians want us to keep our heads down and not ask questions. Not demand the truth
they don’t want us to care, they have trained us to turn a blind eye!
Because they control us and profit from us this way!
to push back at them questions and threatens their lifestyles.

Children are dying everyday from hunger. Its fucked up, its wrong and I am angry
Im not going to shut up or give up – fuck the system, its wrong.
wake up we are being used!

Innocent children are dying each day…. we need to shout out to companies, politicians that we aren’t playing their games anymore
We are waking up to their lies and deceitful dealings

Im angry, Im going to make a difference and no one is going to stop me
Join me if your tired of being used and manipulated
Make this world fair for everyone

-50 Cent”

Rapper 50 Cent says his new cornrows represent his growth.

Pseudo News caught up with 50 Cent and asked him to elaborate on his new perspective on life.

“50 Cent is a metaphor for change.” 50 Cent said. “As a person, I’m growing and I just have a new way of life. These cornrows represent my growth and you’re gonna hear that on my new album. I’m moving away from the gritty, gangster rap lifestyle and my new record really reflects that.”

50 Cent attended the Occupy Wall Street event in New York as he hopped out of his Bentley, fully equipped with Lamborghini doors.

“I just want to make the world a better place. Fair for everyone, you know what I’m sayin’? Kids are starving in Africa, right now. Life isn’t all about money.” The ‘I Get Money’ rapper said while sporting his new Sleek headphones. “All that flaunting and showing off how much money you have? It’s disgusting. Rappers are throwing money around like it’s nothing. People are dying everyday. Brand names and big companies like Vitamin Water and Coco-Cola are making millions, what the fuck? I’m angry. The competitive nature of hip hop doesn’t need the stuntin’ and flashing money everywhere. Innocent children are dying and if you’re not willing to stand with me for justice and for peace, then I’ll fucking kill you.”

50 Cent is rumored to be changing his rap name to 50/50 to stand up for equality and change his image from gangster rap to political rapper.

50 Cent will also collaborate with rapper Lupe Fiasco on a joint album called “Overtake The Throne” and will feature themes of political takeover and the Occupy movement.

Lupe Fiasco (left) and 50 Cent aka 50/50 (right) will collaborate on an album entitled "Overtake The Throne"

Below is the floating tracklist for “Overtake The Throne”

1.) No Food for The Child

2.) Pissed Off (Feat. Olivia)

3.) N*ggas With Karats

4.) Occupy

5.) Dying Innocent Children

6.) Gun Talk/Kill N*ggas (Feat. G-Unit)

7.) Stop The War

8.) Who Gon’ Stop ‘Em (Big Businesses)

9.) I Can’t Eat H*A*M

10.) Still a Gangsta (Feat. Mase)


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