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Rapper Rick Ross Diagnosed With Rare Disease

Posted on 16. Oct, 2011 by in Entertainment | 23,067 views

Rapper Rick Ross was diagnosed with a somewhat rare, but not really, disease.

Former Correctional Officer now infamous gangster rapper, Rick Ross suffered two seizures last Friday night while aboard a flight to Memphis. The plane made an emergency landing as paramedics tried desperately to revive him.

Rick Ross remained unconscious for several hours until he awoke yelling “UGGNNNH”. Ross is now in stable condition.

The rapper’s doctor, Dr. Jack Shephard, confirmed that Ross had been diagnosed with rare disease.

“It’s simple. Rick Ross is suffering from a rare, but very common disease. It’s called Fried Chicken Twinkitis, also known as fat.” Dr. Shephard said. “Now it’s a very tricky disease. Symptoms include shortness of breath, which is why Ross has a tendency to release a loud grunt and exhale a large volume of oxygen when he raps. Other symptoms include high blood pressure, fatigue, laziness, and inability to move around.”

Current treatments for the disease include, reducing consumption of onion rings, chicken wings, bacon cheddar potato wedges, curly fries, twinkies, sausage and cheese biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, big macs, and large amounts of soda. All which are a regular part of Rick Ross’ diet.


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