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President Obama Announces New Solution to National Debt

Posted on 26. Oct, 2011 by in Politics | 574 views

By: Nick (PNN Contributor)

President Obama plotting his next move.

President Obama may finally be delivering on his promise for “Change”.

As we all know, the economic state of America has been on the decline for years. But it appears that the President may be finally doing his job and has found a solution. Through several meetings with Congress, President Obama has convinced the US Government to sell Alaska to Canada.

Which leaves us with only one question, what took so damn long?

“Well, let’s be clear. The state of Alaska has not contributed a great deal to this country.” Obama stated early Wednesday morning. “They gave us Sarah Palin, and I handled her ass back in 2008. Other than that, what has Alaska given us? Fishing? 24 hour darkness? For this reason, we’ve decided to give them back to Canada. In return, we’re receiving a substantial amount of money and maple syrup.”

Despite Obama’s declining approval rating, America generally responded positively to the news.

Once the deal is finalized, it is rumored that California will split into two states and the potential sales of many other states could take place.

“New Mexico is on the trading block.” Obama said. “We could sell them back to Mexico, and ship Louisiana back to France. The city of New Orleans has been deteriorating for some time now, and the rest of the state is irrelevant. The biggest deal on the table is currently Hawaii in a three way bidding war between Japan, Indonesia and the producers of Lost.”

It took over 3 years, but President Obama is finally delivering on some of those promises. I, for one will not miss any of these states, except for maybe Hawaii, but a state can be measured in money as Obama is proving this year.

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