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Minnesota Vikings Trade Donovan McNabb

Posted on 26. Oct, 2011 by in Sports | 35,349 views

Donovan McNabb will wearing bras and panties for the Los Angeles Temptation.

The Minnesota Vikings have traded Donovan McNabb for 2010 Lingerie Bowl Rookie of the Year, Ashley Salerno.

The former Pro Bowl Quarterback’s days in the NFL appear to be over as the Pseudo News Network learned that McNabb had been sent down to the Lingerie Football League.

McNabb will now play for the LA Temptation and amongst opponents around his skill level.

“I’m excited. Can’t wait.” Donovan McNabb said late Wednesday. “I had my run in the NFL and enjoyed every minute of it. The physical game and the road just got too tough for me. Running practices and getting in shape, that’s not really my thing. I wanna thank the Eagles Organization, Andy Reid, the Redskins, and of course the Minnesota Vikings. But it’s still fuck Mike Shanahan.”

McNabb could possibly reunite with wide receiver Terrell Owens, as Tuesday’s workouts garnered no interest from NFL teams.

2010 Linegie Bowl Rookie of the Year, Ashley Salerno.

“I’d love to play with Terrell.” McNabb said. “We had a bad breakup, but there’s no reason why we can’t work things out. That’s my dude, and he’s the best I ever had. He already lives in LA, so we’ll get in touch and work things out. But for now, I’m just focused on doing my best to win a championship for the Temptations.”

Rick Spielman, General Manager of the Minnesota Vikings spoke briefly about the trade.

“We’ve decided to go with [Christian] Ponder. We know Donovan [McNabb] is a competitor, not a very good one, but a competitor nonetheless.” Spielman said. “As a organization, we decided that McNabb had no further value to us, other than as a cheerleader. So why waste him on the bench? We decided to trade him for a real cheerleader.”

Ashley Salerno, who has passed her physical, will compete for the head cheerleading position.

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