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Chris Brown Opens Up on Rihanna Incident

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Chris Brown was playing "Punch Buggy" with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

In 2009, R&B couple Chris Brown and Rihanna were involved in a highly publicized altercation that left the “Umbrella” singer with cuts and bruises across her face. Brown was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

Now for the first time ever, Chris Brown spoke publically about the event and told his side of the story in an exclusive interview with Pseudo News.

Pseudo News: First and foremost Chris, I want to thank you for coming in to share your story. We here at Pseudo News understand that this is a sensitive subject for you and it is a moment that nearly ended your career. If you could, briefly explain the events that took place and what led to a violent outburst that left your then girlfriend looking like Miguel Cotto after a Pacquiao fight.

"Punch Buggy" the game that ended R&B's happiest couple.

Brown: Well, I just want to thank the PNN for letting me speak on the subject and letting my voice be heard. The truth is, what everyone is saying about the matter is completely untrue. I’ve heard the media spew everything they can and throw as much dirt as they could to try and bury me. You know what I’m saying? I’ve heard everything. One story says that RiRi read a text on my phone and that I had been texting another woman. Another one I heard was that I was fucking Bow Wow on the side, while [Rihanna and I] were dating. I just want to say for the record, none of that is true. I have not and will not have sex with Bow Wow no matter how many times he tweets me or pokes me on Facebook.

Pseudo News: So you’re saying that you did not cheat on Rihanna, despite numerous reports made by the media?

Brown: No, I did not cheat. I’m innocent.

Pseudo News: So then tell us, what ignited the fire inside of you that resulted in you hitting Rihanna?

Brown: Well, the truth is, that night I had a few drinks.. One thing led to another and the next thing I know, I’m driving passed a Volkswagen dealership and I must have saw 20 or 30 beetles. And you know, RiRi has a pretty slow reaction, so I yell “Punch Buggy Blue! Punch Buggy Red! Yellow one! Green one! Red one! Blue one!” and before you know it, I’ve landed a good 15-20 punches to her face.

Pseudo News: So you’re saying a friendly of “punch buggy” resulted in the bruised and battered face of your then-girlfriend, and the media completely overrated to the situation, portraying you as the villain?

Brown: Absolutely. I don’t like to lose and when I see a chance to win at a game, I’m going for it. We drove passed a dealership, and that was it. Like I always say, it’s protect yourself at all times. RiRi was all love and tried to come in with a hug, and I caught her. Left hand, right hook and that’s all she wrote.

Pseudo News: If in fact the situation is one big misunderstanding, why did you not speak out sooner? Why let the media portray such a negative image on Chris Brown. Why not tell your side of the story sooner?

Brown: The Nati.

Pseudo News: Say no more Chris. In our mind, you’re as innocent as Michael Jackson. Thank you for your time. Before we let you go, is there last statements you want to say to the world and let off your chest?

Brown: First off, I wanna give a shout out to my homeboy D Mac. What up blah! Second, it’s fuck Jay-Z and cockafella. I rock hoe’s, yall rock fellas. And lastly, I just wanna give a message to RiRi. I may have cheated in the beginning, I was wrong for writing disturbia, but I meant it in “Forever”. We were meant to be together, can’t you see I still love you? I’m sorry I bust the windows out your car, but that Rihanna rain just won’t let up.

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