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The Final Blow to the Chinese Community (Guest Column)

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Above: A dangerous shark attacks, another reason to appeal the ban on Shark Fin Soup

Guest Column by Nick
(PNN Contributor)

Among the Chinese American community, a controversial debate is stirring. It could perhaps be the greatest obstacle that Chinese have to face in America, a blatant assault on their culture, well-being, and tradition. If you thought the railroad owners shafting them out of pay was bad, if you thought that the UCLA top heavy rant of ignorance was bad, if you thought the overall Asian portrayal in the media was bad, even if you thought the racial tensions so high in the San Francisco Bay area was bad, you have seen and heard nothing yet.

That’s right my friends it’s finally happening and there might be no way of stopping it, first the white rabbit candies, and now this, the potential banning of SHARK FIN SOUP. When you have a family get together and want some family bonding time over a hot bowl of overpriced goodness, what do you order? SHARKE FIN SOUP. When a bunch of businessmen want to show off a highly paying paycheck that they aren’t really earning, what do they order? SHARK FIN SOUP. When a shark is born in the ocean, what does he want to grow up to be? SHARK FIN SOUP.

While voting on this motion is months away, you need to start prepping your argumentative skills now to prevent this travesty from possibly changing Chinese tradition forever. This is an ignorant banning, just look at the arguments for it, cruelty to animals? Cruelty to animals is when children try to catch reptiles, or yank crawdads from creeks when they don’t even intend to eat them. Cruelty to animals is every time an animal shelter sells a helpless pup or a dainty little cat to a hippie who cannot afford their own apartment rent.

The shark hunters don’t even kill the sharks, they merely take their tails and throw them back into the ocean, what happens to the sharks from there is their business. The people arguing for the banning of shark fin soup don’t talk about the effects violent sharks have on humans. By clipping the tails of said sharks, it gives surfers a chance to get away from these hungry beasts. Did you even see what happened to Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea? They ate him! a Fucking shark ate him! I’m not going to try and force politics on you (even though all my politics are right) but this motion is bullshit, shark fin soup is delicious; please don’t take it away from our family dinners.

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