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Advertisement: The Bathroom Tracker

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The Booty Print Tracker

If you’ve ever been to the bathroom in a place other than the comfort of your own home, then you’ve more than likely experienced the following scenario:

You run into the bathroom because you’ve been holding it in for what seems like hours, you shouldn’t have eaten that Taco Bell, but you’re cheap and hungry. You bust open the stall like a Wild West Movie, and just when you’re about to pop a squat on what would currently be your best friend, you look down. It looks like someone shot a bowl of chunky chili dip out of a cannon! Somehow magically, for a brief moment, you don’t have to go anymore. You’re so repulsed, so offended by the sheer audacity to the prior occupant of this toilet, that you wish you could actually know who did this.

Well now you can! From the makers of the ShamWow, comes the easy to assemble Booty Print Bathroom Tracker!

As soon as the offender sits down, the Booty Print Bathroom Tracker will make a full scan of their inconsiderate glutes. Every curve, every wrinkle, recorded through a scanner from both the rim of the bowl and the bottom of it! If they leave a mess or the bowl detects any brown or yellow where it shouldn’t be, the Booty Print Bathroom Tracker will track down that anus, all the way back to their address and charge them with a plumbing bill.

This simple product could revolutionize the restroom industry and welcome all those with Public Bathroomaphobia!

And this product can be yours today! With 5 easy payments of 29.99!

Call 1-800-BUTT-OUT today!


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