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Michael Jackson Still Alive? Preparing Come Back Tour

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Michael Jackson Announcing New Comeback Tour.... Again?

In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the King of Pop may not be dead after all. Rumor has it that Michael Jackson apparently faked his own death and has been secretly living in an undisclosed location.

An insider close to the situation says Michael is undergoing a secret operation to become black once again. In order to avoid the spotlight of this operation, Michael worked with Dr. Conrad Murray to plot his own death. According to our insider, Jackson trolled the world as he had many believing that he had actually died on June 25th, 2009. In the two years since his absence, there have been numerous reports that Jackson underwent 3 or 4 surgeries to change his skin color. When asked why Jackson opted to have surgery to revert back to his natural black skin, the snitch said Jackson was frustrated during rehearsal for the “This Is It” Tour and felt he had lost some of his signature dance moves when he turned white. Naturally, he is hoping that the black skin surgery will bring back some of his old moves.

The second coming of Michael Jackson is said to be launched by a comeback tour titled “This Is It, For Real.”

The opening act is rumored to be his multi-platinum hit single “Thriller” in which Michael rises from his grave in zombie form. Followed by an amazing dance routine that should really bring the crowd to life.

Special guests for the “This Is It, For Real” tour are said to include Elvis, and 2pac.

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