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Creators of Fantasy Football Introduce Fantasy Music

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Player rankings for Fantasy Music

Fantasy Football fans around the world can expect a new fantasy sport to play, although it’s not quite a sport. Creators of the original Fantasy Football, Wilfred Winkenbach and Bill Tunnel, introduced a new form of fantasy sports, Fantasy Music.

Much like Fantasy Football, players have the opportunity of building a team of musicians and forming a fantasy music label. Week to week, managers will choose which artist they would like to play that week and adjust their lineup to how they see fit.

The scoring system is based on mainstream relevancy, record sales, music videos, hit records, television appearances and radio play.

Strategies and mock drafts are already being created around the world with Justin Bieber being the consensus first overall pick.

Who’s Hot

Bruno Mars – A solid safe pick, Bruno broke onto the scene in 2010 and looks to carry that momentum into 2012. Bruno Mars is the go to guy for the hits right now (sorry Drake), and will no doubt have plenty of radio play and mainstream appeal. However, prior drug arrest could be problematic if Bruno doesn’t shake off his drug addiction and potential Amy Winehouse like situation. Would definitely take a strong look at Bruno in the 2nd round, has potential to have a mega year in 2012.

Drake – With his sophomore album“Take Care” set to be released in October, Drake will likely have a great start to the 2012 season. As a member of the hottest record label around, Drake has been the guy since breaking onto the scene in 2009. Only risk going into the 2012 season is injury problems that have plagued Drake throughout his young career. If Drake shows his knee will hold up after 2 ACL surgeries, Drake will have a solid year.

Katy Perry – Some could argue that Katy Perry was the best fantasy option in 2011, and while Katy is a certified stud, I would still pick Bieber over Katy for the upcoming season. Katy put out hit after hit in 2011 and will continue to create a buzz. A solid top 3 pick.

Lil Wayne – Owners of Lil Wayne were likely to have been disappointed when the Young Money/Cash Money superstar served most of 2010 and 2011 in jail. However, Young Weezy is back and will no doubt hit the scene strong in 2012. Some could argue he is a top 3 pick and back in his 2009 form, but I would still take Gaga or Katy over Lil Wayne.

Sleepers (Undervalue)

Lil B – The Based God created a strong internet buzz in 2011 but didn’t quite get over the hump to break into mainstream appeal. 2012 should be a break out year for Lil B after releasing his first solo album “I’m Gay” in 2011. Has high potential to be a great pick in the later rounds.

Chris Brown – Chris Brown appears to have bounced back from his 2008 Rihanna beat down situation and the mainstream media seems to have forgiven him. Brown has the talents and potential to be one of the greatest artist today and with proper coaching, 2012 may be a big year for Chris.

T.I. – A high risk, high reward pick. If T.I. Is still available in the later rounds, I’d definitely snag him up. T.I. has recently been released from prison and currently serving time in a halfway house. If T.I. can be brought back into society, he can definitely help boost the bench and has potential to put up first round numbers, granted T.I. can fix his off the field issues.

Bust (Overvalue)

Beyonce – With news that Beyonce is pregnant, it seems as if Beyonce’s career could be winding down. Even if it’s not, 2012 will not be a big year for Beyonce as she will likely cool off from the scene as she prepares for Destiny’s Child.

Jay-Z – No longer releasing albums every year, Jay-Z was once a stud draft pick but could too be winding down his music career. Although is it likely that Beyonce will be doing the care giving while Jay-Z spends most of his time with Kanye West, the rap legend could be working on the finishing touches to his career, for real this time. Would only take the rap mogul if he is available in the later rounds.

J. Cole – There was on and off buzz from J. Cole as the future of music along with Drake, but J. Cole’s buzz is now gone. Cole will likely release his album in 2012, but don’t expect the sales to do very well.

Dr. Dre – Dr. Dre is the ultimate high risk, high reward draft pick. Many fantasy music owners have made the mistake of drafting Dre in the last 5 years in hopes that Detox will drop, but every year Dr. Dre disappoints putting up terrible fantasy numbers each and every year. This year will be no different. It seems as if Dre hasn’t released an album since 2001, around the same time Dre dropped 2001. Should Detox be released this year (very unlikely) the numbers are likely not to be as high as many would expect.

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