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Activision Announces 9/11 Call of Duty Game

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Screenshot of the carnage due to September 11th, in Call of Duty: Terrorist Attack

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Activision announced that they were in the early developmental stages of a new Call of Duty video game.

Call of Duty: Terrorist Attack.

Much of the game will be centered around the acts of terror that took place on September 11th. Creator of the Call of Duty series Ben Chichoski was thrilled about the prospect that the new Call of Duty game would bring to fans of the popular gaming series.

“I think enough time has passed [since 9/11]. I think every American was affected by 9/11 and many of us could do little to stop the events that took place.” Chichoski said. “Now, [with this new game] we’re giving the American people the chance to fight back and kill those fucking al Qaeda terrorists.”

Aftermath of the World Trade Center collapse in Call of Duty: Terrorist Attack

During the campaign mode, the game starts with an opening cut scene sequence of events that leads to the attack of the first tower. You then take control of Henry Newman, a New York Firefighter who rushes to the scene in an attempt to get as many people out of the building as possible.

As the game progresses, players then take on roles of other characters such as Michael Frost, a fictional hero who was on Flight 93. In this mission, you and a group of Americans civilians must take back control of the plane, eventually leading to the plane crash in rural Pennsylvania.

“The game is very fun.” Chichoski said during a press release. “I think the opening sequence is going to blow you away. Of course we’ve added more explosions and more gun fights to make the game more exciting. But saving people out of a burning building turned out to be very thrilling. We also have another sequence where you have to catch those who chose to jump out of the building.”

During the later missions, you play as John Arlington, a soldier sent to Iraq to send democracy to the middle east. Maps include the invasion of Kuwait, bombs over Baghdad, and the search for Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora.

The game modes are said to include Terrorists Zombies and online multiplayer features in which players can choose to be the American team or al Qaeda.

Chichoski would not elaborate on the rumor that there is a secret bonus mission where players are given the opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden.

Leaked screenshot of the rumored Osama bin Laden mission.

There is early speculation that President Obama recorded voice overs for the game during the Osama bin Laden mission where the President gives you the mission briefing and the order to kill Osama bin Laden.

The announcement of the new game, however, was not met without controversy.

“Many people are saying that I shouldn’t approve of the production of this game.” Chichoski said. “I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. Come on America, are we still crying over 9/11? It’s been 10 years, get over yourselves. Are we still crying about Kennedy? MLK? Who gives a shit people. I know what the American people want. They want to shoot al Qaeda in the fucking face and I’m here to give it to them. So what if this game could potentially give back unwanted memories for a few unfortunate Americans. I’m here to make money off of this dark hour in America’s history. You’re telling me that we can make a movie about 9/11, but when I have a terrorist get his head popped off with animated blood spewing all over your screen, I’m suddenly going too far? Get the fuck out.”

Call of Duty: Terrorists Attack is set to be released early 2013.

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    You motherfuckers are sick for reproducing this event. …but fuck it, Ive. Been through worse Shit since

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