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Former WWE Superstar, The Undertaker Signs With UFC

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The Undertaker sets up Jon Jones for the chokeslam at UFC 135

Dana White announced this morning that he has signed Former WWE Superstar The Undertaker to a 4 year deal with the UFC.

The Undertaker made a surprise appearance at UFC 135, after Jon “Bones” Jones successfully defended his Light Heavyweight Championship Title against Rampage Jackson in a 4th round stoppage due to submission.  As Jones was celebrating his victory, the ominous gong rung throughout the arena as the lights surrounding the Octagon went off.

As the lights went back on, The Undertaker appeared in the Octagon, along with the Ministry of Darkness (Including Chris Benoit, Macho Man Randy Savage, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero and the Big Boss Man) surrounding the ring.

The confused Jon Jones turned around as The Undertaker set him up with the chokeslam. However, Jon Jones quickly countered the move and placed The Undertaker in an armbar, snapping the Deadman’s arm in two.

Dana White announced during the press conference that The Undertaker would become the number 1 contender for Jon Jones’ Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 147.

“The Undertaker will definitely get the first shot at Jon. When his arm heals, we’re gonna get the contracts signed and we’re gonna have one hell of a fight at UFC 147. In one corner, we have the 7-foot, 300 pound Phenom known as The Undertaker. And in the other corner, we have a rising young champion in Jon Jones.” Dana White said during the press conference. “I think The Undertaker adds a lot to the UFC. He is a 4-time WWE Champion, undefeated at Wrestlemania, and quite frankly, one hell of a fighter. But that’s not to take anything away from his opponent,  I think we’re all beginning to see that Jon Jones is one of the best fighters in the world. He is an impressive 14-1 and the way he dominated Rampage, he just may very well be the future of MMA. We’re gonna have to wait and see what happens at UFC 147.”

When asked whether or not a possible feud with Brock Lesnar was possible, White had this to say.

“Brock and The Undertaker will definitely meet at some point. We’re gonna get that done. Believe me. We might see some chokeslams, we might see some F-5’s, maybe a Tombstone Piledriver. Who knows, you never know with the UFC. But we will see the Next Big Thing vs. The Lord of Darkness very soon.” White said.

The Undertaker is set to begin training as soon as he finishes the rehabilitation process on his broken arm.

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