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RayWilliamJohnson Named Funniest Man on the Internet

Posted on 28. Aug, 2011 by in Entertainment, Misc. | 9,712 views

This unfunny douchebag wins the award for "Funniest Man on the Internet"

During the imaginary Internet Awards, an award show that doesn’t really exist, RayWilliamJohnson won the award for Funniest Man on the Internet.

Johnson was given the award for his versatility in presenting famous youtube clips that were already famous before he stole them and put them together in his own video. The presenter and fellow YouTube sensation, KevJumba praised RayWilliamJohnson for his creative and witty commentary on internet videos. Jumba, who is a jerk in real life, said “Johnson is just so funny. (Weird facial expression) Honestly guys, I wanted my dad to win the award, but if anybody else was gonna win the award, I’d want RayWilliamJohnson to win the award.” (Awkward facial expression).

RayWilliamJohnson, who has three generic names put together, is famous for making the same douchebag facial expressions and unfunny comments on videos that he steals from the internet. The videos are edited poorly and filmed with a generic rainbow colored background or from his comic riddled room in his mom’s basement. Johnson averages 25 million YouTube hits a week because stupid teenagers enjoy lame jokes on videos they can find elsewhere on YouTube but are too lazy to search for them, eventually settling to sit through Johnson’s lame, unfunny jokes.

Johnson is often compared to DJ Khaled as both are not very talented and rely on the talents of others to make themselves famous.

During the acceptance speech Johnson screamed “We the best!” and walked off by making a douchebag facial expression.


Above: Ray shows off his versatility and creative delivery of stolen copyrighted material.

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